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How our recycling services are good for all

Let us face it. Recycling is not merely a reduction in the quantum of waste that ends up in landfills. The benefits of recycling extend beyond just benefiting the environment. There are a host of economic and social advantages to our recycling services.

Our recycling services ensure that we cut down fewer trees and help save the ecosystems. We conserve natural resources that are in short supply or cumbersome to extract. We also lower the quantity of waste sent for incineration.

When goods and products are made from recycled materials, organizations spend far less energy than making them from absolutely new raw materials, and thereby it reduces the demand for sourcing new raw materials.

Compared to extracting virgin raw material from the earth, recycling consumes lesser energy and this helps in lowering the carbon footprint and the consequent impact on climate change.

Our recycling services bring communities together and this includes the kabadiwalas, regulatory authorities, consumers, and the industry.

Mostly, for an urban mining organization like Greenscape, we help create employment for a varied set of people that include sorters, technicians, engineers, and more.

How many recyclates we revive

How can brands be eco friendly

Cities have a high concentration of the countrys population and its economic activities. This makes them high consumers of goods, materials, and energy. These in turn cause environmental impact in terms of consumption of natural resources, emissions, and creation of waste.

  • Incorporating sustainability into business processes is not very difficult, and anything that can be done to offer eco-friendly products and solutions will reap benefits for the brand and society.
  • A lot of consumers look for sustainability as a factor while making a purchase consideration. As younger people join the workforce, the demand for sustainability in brands will only rise.
  • In many situations, a substantial number of materials used in the making of goods might not always be sustainably sourced. Sourcing from sustainability-certified vendors can help increase sustainability for the organization.
  • Shipping and packaging products can be done using more environmentally friendly materials.
  • Switching to renewable energy is a strong sustainability initiative that showcases a brand’s commitment to sustainability. Renewable energy alternatives can be explored for warehouses, factories, or offices. Using green web hosting for websites and digital assets is another way to get more sustainable and eco-friendlier.
  • Recycling is often perceived by most consumers as an effective way for consumers to make a positive impact on society. This makes it imperative for brands to pursue some kind of recycling jigs along with reusability.

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