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Urban Mining at Greenscape

In addition to supporting the Reuse, Repair, and Recycling concepts, the circular economy is built to produce less waste. Urban mining is a crucial part of the circular economy since it enables the recovery of precious resources from our waste materials, which can then be used to create new products. By minimizing waste and encouraging resource utilization that is more sustainable, Greenscape contributes in the recovery and recycling of valuable resources.

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My Circular City

The Circular economy has to be brought in play at the city level. Only then will the effect become more widespread and give rise to a worldwide movement. The "My Circular City" initiative has been launched by Greenscape, and the first city chosen is Noida in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Businesses, schools, communities, and change makers have come together to effect change.

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Integrated Partners


Metric tonnes of E-waste handled


Metals and Mineral extracted from E-waste

The Greenscape Portfolio

  • Decrease in C02
  • Recovering scarce & precious metals
  • Reducing pressure on virgin mines
  • Sustainable Tech Upgrades
  • Driver of circular economy
  • Achieving at least 9/17 SDGs

Save Our Planet

Data Security

We secure data and ensure compliance with data protection solutions built into a unified, centrally managed framework.


By extending the life cycle of products, we ensure minimum carbon footprint and optimal usage of any electronic item.

Quality, Health & Safety

We are responsible and accountable for quality performance, employee health and development for mutually beneficial results.

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