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Our E-waste. Our Responsibility.

Electronics are a very important part of our lives; we are always excited and ready to buy the latest one in the market. But ever wondered what happens to the ones we discard? E-Waste is often discarded with the general waste and is dumped carelessly. These electronics have heavy metals that need special treatment to get processed and informal processing of e-waste can lead to adverse human heath affects and environmental pollution.

Go Green with Greenscape

We want people to be aware of the issue and what can be the consequences if e-waste isn’t dumped responsibly. Greenscape provides proper assistance on e-waste and facilitates proper disposal of it.

Despite numerous save the environment campaigns, Most people dump their e-waste just like their regular waste. This results in e-waste ending in dump yards and landfills. To discourage people from doing this, Greenscape launched an innovative campaign on Twitter called Tiny Bugs tweet.






The campaign revolves around quirky tweets by insects found in dump yards across India. Whenever an insect comes in the proximity of the device, it fires a tweet from its pool of tweets on tiny bug tweet’s twitter handle (@tinybugstweet). Delivering the message in a fun and new way, tiny insects became big ambassadors of right e-waste disposing practices.

The tweet informs and educates people about adverse effects of improper e-waste disposal in a satirical/humorous way and urges them to call Greenscape for proper disposal of the same.

So, let’s come together and dispose e-waste responsibly.


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