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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a corporate responsible citizen of today’s fast changing international society, we are striving to adapt to its growing needs and contribute to the overall environmental health of our world. We are continually reviewing and improving our efforts to lessen our impact on the environment, nurture a workplace of diversity and inclusion, conduct responsible business practices, and uphold the highest ethical standards in everything. And, we are building partnerships in communities throughout the world to strengthen e-waste management systems and find sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges of today, and tomorrow.

We encourage our people and follow the corporate social responsibility norms best suitable for our industry work environment it is an initiative by Greens, which proudly boasts of:

Employment Opportunities

Currently we have collection, storage and dismantling facilities set up across India. We are investing heavily into recycling and recovery plants that will help us to create various job opportunities across the country at all levels.

Occupational Safety

We practice under the ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ (SOPs) and provide health insurance to all our workers who are trained under the best industry practices. We ensure that our workers are not exposed to the hazards of the toxic elements and gases.

Revenue to the State

Our investment in setting up various dismantling, storage and recycling facilities around the country bring revenue to the state.

Efficient Resource Recovery

We have facilities in place for safe recycling and destruction of electronic wastes collected from our clients. Our partnership with ‘Umicore’ ensures the highest value recovery percentages in the world. Following guidelines provided by Umicore we are setting up localized e-waste dismantling facilities in India with state of the art technology to ensure the highest recovery of materials.

Environmental Benefits

Our CSR principal has been embedded into the core foundation of our organization. Our facilities rely on solar power; we make use of CNG vehicles for e-waste collection and we even recycle the water consumed in our facilities. We strictly adhere to the norms of an environmentally friendly policy. Through our eco friendly and safe destruction, segregation and recycling efforts we ensure that toxic materials such as lead, cadmium, mercury, barium, BFRs etc which are currently leaching out to the environment will be highly minimized thus reducing the environmental burden.

Organizing the Unorganized

In the present case scenario in India, workers from the informal recycling sector are most disadvantaged due to the difficult environment and minimal remuneration. Our CSR effort solves this problem by involving workers in the process of collection and storage of waste. Our dismantling team is trained under the best practices prescribed by Umicore Group, and we provide all our workers protective working gear (goggles, gloves and other safety gear).

Traditions that foster commitment.

Social responsibility towards the drivers and their children Our exemplary record of delivering success right on time could never have been possible without the much appreciated dedication and hard work of our transport workforce. It is our duty to acknowledge their contribution with respect and rewards. Ensuring that they are safe and get proper nutrition on time by way of community eating or langars has been Greenscape Eco Management’s foremost concern. Education is considered more of a luxury than a necessity by them; hence Greenscape Eco Management funds the education of the children of these drivers and also provides them with stationary and other study material. We are also planning to build a play school or crèche to provide proper care and nurturing to our recruit’s children.

How to Contribute?

Call us for e-waste drop off location service +91 11 40515662 or email at info@greenscape-eco.com