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Electronic reuse and recycling are one of the best ways for companies to help contribute to sustainability, and demonstrate that they are committed to being a socially responsible corporate. By extending the life cycle of obsolete electronics, we are not only asserting our commitment to be a socially responsible business, but we are also extending an opportunity to our clients for doing the same.



The following services can be mixed and matched in nearly any jurisdiction to meet your needs. Those services that we cannot provide in-house in a given jurisdiction we can source from our extensive network of affiliates, all of whom meet our exacting standards of quality, security, and environmental responsibility. Regardless of the waste management requirements – large or small, complex or simple – our service portfolio coupled with our rich experience of dedicatedly working teams we will create the best solution for your business.

Collection & Reverse Logistics Management

Secure and efficient pickup, transportation, and storage services.

De-manufacturing & Component Harvesting

Break down of whole units to the component/part level for reuse and resale.

Data Security

From DOD-compliant overwriting to monitored physical destruction, degaussing the highest standards in data security.

E-waste Recycling & Materials Recovery

Processing of residual e-waste into segregated material streams for reuse in manufacturing or downstream refining.

Repair & Refurbishing

Restoration of whole units in suitable condition for reuse and resale. Warranty support and returns management services may also be possible in certain jurisdictions.

Value Recovery

Maximizing value out of retired IT assets to boost revenues of our clients while extending the life of the product

Excess Inventory & Take Back Programs

Returns management and utilization of excess IT goods via our highly developed distribution channels

Reporting & Certification

Detailed tracking, customizable reports, auditable documentation, and certification of compliance.

IT Lifecycle Support & Advisory Services

Re-configuration and re-deployment of working assets, site clearance, valuation/appraisal of disposal options, etc.


Complete and timely reports of the progress of the client’s assets delivered within 45 days cycle along with Destruction certificates.


Value added consultancy services for clients on annual compliance to local statuary laws.

Custom Bonded Equipments

Ability to acquire liabilities on balance customs duties and ownership of the bonded equipments from Special Economic Zones/STPI’s through Inter Unit Transfer via our 100% Export Oriented Unit facility. Clients save huge costs & hassles of getting their IT goods de-bonded