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Our state-of-the art recycling & refurbishment facilities are set up in Alwar, Rajasthan, only 150 Kms from Delhi NCR. Our collection hubs are spread across the Indian subcontinent to cater our multi-location clients. Our facilities are fully compliant to the local & global norms and operate to the highest EHS standards. We assist businesses to make significant savings by reducing disposal costs and ensuring compliance with legislation in an environmentally sustainable way and further strengthening their bottom lines. We ensure brand security & have 24×7 video surveillance at our operational units.

Focusing on a process-oriented methodology rather than a technology-focused operation, the team utilizes the local workforce and brings the existing scrap dealers into a process-complaint system that conforms to regulatory standards. Greenscape Eco Management has been a front runner in supporting various government and industrial organizations in designing the E-waste regulations in India and is a founding member of ERA (Electronic Recyclers Association) in India.

Data Security

We secure data and ensure compliance with data protection solutions built into a unified, centrally managed framework. Protecting personal rights is integral to our corporate culture and built into our services and products. We respect the safety of our clients confidential data. That is why Greenscape Eco Management continuously works to improve data security measures to protect our client’s brand. We ensure data security through various procedures like overwriting, degaussing and physical destruction.


By extending the life cycle of products, we ensure minimum carbon footprint and optimal usage of any electronic item. Further by facilitating the collection and recycling of precious and hazardous materials from electronic waste we contribute positively towards the environment. Greenscape offers customized services to encourage our clients, business allies to become socially responsible citizens/ corporations.

Quality, Health & Safety

We are responsible and accountable for quality performance, employee health and development and mutually beneficial relation with our clients for successful business results. We are committed to minimizing adverse environmental impacts due to our activities with efficient use of natural resources and energy, establishing transparent and open dialogue with related stakeholders, employee awareness to environmental impacts and their responsibility towards environmental standards.