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About Greenscape

It takes a meritorious history to translate into a tradition that endures. At Greenscape Eco Management, it has been our legacy to raise the bar of excellence several notches higher with every new creation. We have been one of the pioneers of be India’s leading provider for e-Waste collection and recycling services. Formulating new value propositions and injecting a fresh perspective in environment industry.

Greenscape Eco Management focuses on End of Life IT asset disposition and provides best solutions including re-use, de-manufacturing, brand security and e-waste recycling. It actively pursues projects and initiatives that benefit the e-waste industry and the communities that serve the environment.

Having built a concrete platform on the foundation of consumer trust, the group is setting exemplary milestones in new age realty development by coming up with a positive difference to the environment through every aspect of its business, while ensuring maximum returns to it’s customers.

With increasing refresh cycles and continuous development in technology assets. We, at Greenscape take our client’s growing demands very seriously and have tailored services to optimize the value returns out of their IT assets. Thus elevating their office space and reducing the dangers around storage of surplus /obsolete IT equipments. Moreover making them a socially responsible citizen.