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Trying to rule out e-waste

Venkatesh Ganesh, Hindu Business Line, May 13, 2012

While e-waste laws have come into effect from May 1, questions remain on their implementation. E-waste may not be as glamorous a problem as climate change but it is a prevalent problem nonetheless. In May this year, India joined other countries in US and Europe and laid down e-waste laws, which go into effect from […]

ICT company campuses must be carbon free, says Natarajan

Principal Correspondent, Sakal Times, 13 April 2012

PUNE: The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies must strive for carbon free campuses using innovative technology solutions, Zensar Technologies’ Vice Chairman and CEO Ganesh Natarajan said, on Thursday. “The ICT industry is playing a transformational role in the way businesses, customers and citizens are serviced, and leading the way in establishing a new paradigm […]

Tech Makeover for Scrapping

Shilpa Shanbagh, Data Quest, March 26, 2010

That happens when your electronic gadget grows old? You perhaps sell it to a nearby raddiwala for a few rupees. Then what? In all probability, this waste will go on to become a part of the ever-increasing mount that is getting accumulated all over the country. According to a recent statement by the Central Pollution […]